WTCC & 24 heures du Mans

Dear Monsieur Loeb,
My name is Andrey Diev. I am professional analyst of project management company but also I am sincere rally fan for a very long time period (since my youth). I want to product something for development of rally in Russia – for example, in the rest from basic work time I write articles about rally in other words try to have my own influence in popularization of rally in Russia. This weekend I am going to Moscow Raceway for WTCC Round exceptionally because of Citroen Racing and you participating. I really want to create a very high-quality material about Citroen Racing visiting in Russia. I am dreaming to interview you, your co-driver Daniel Elena and Citroen Racing Team Principal Yves Matton. It is absolutely unbelievable dream for me as a rally fan. Furthermore I admire Peugeot-Citroen cars and I really want to do something worthy for Citroen and Peugeot promotion in Russia. I think if my information product is as high-quality one as I plan, my work can be theoretically good one for creation positive image of Citroen in my country. Interviews and press-releases about Citroen will be published in two languages (English and Russian of course) in and links to them I will sent to you. To materialize my dreams you can give me your agreement for the interview and give me info about how I can tell with Daniel Elena and Yves Matton about interview this weekend. Thanks a lot for it beforehand.
I also would like to offer one additional not bad idea. My colleague has been dreaming about working as photo-reporter in 24 heures du Mans. She has some budget for going to Sarthe and living in hotel. She can make very good photos (her photo collection is here: She has been dreaming to work in this legendary race. The main problem is the absence of journalist accreditation which needed for valuable work as photo-reporter. Is it possible for her to work for your Team in this race? In return for it she is ready to give your Team all photos she make in 24 heures du Mans weekend. If it is needed she can also to prepare some press-releases about this weekend (for this option I can help her). Tell me please is it possible to make her dream real or not? Thank you very much for it beforehand.

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