Properties of wool

The Learn About Wool resources provide an ideal opportunity for Year 4 students to investigate the properties of wool in order to determine what makes wool the ideal fibre for use in a wide range of everyday products.

The following curriculum-based resource package includes a variety of interactive resources, including downloadable PDF factsheets, poster, videos and website.

Hard-copy Learn About Wool factsheets are also available by contacting teacherskit@wool.com

Links with the Australian Curriculum

Science Understanding | Chemical science

Natural and processed materials have a range of physical properties that can influence their use (ACSSU017, ACSSU073).

Science Inquiry Skills

Opportunities exist to incorporate the full strand depending on the classroom activity being undertaken (ACSIS064ACSIS065ACSIS066ACSIS068ACSIS216ACSIS069ACSIS071).

Science as a human endeavour

Science involves making predictions and describing patterns and relationships (ACSHE061, ACSHE062).